Next Battle…

After September the 20th it’s important to remember that the fight for full equality must continue:

“This Summer of 2011 has been one of waiting for the first days of freedom to arrive.  What will it be like the day after when the two-groom wedding cakes are eaten and the Hoaaahs have been shouted?  Will we be able to put away all the banners, flags, and protest signs and just live like ordinary folks?  No.  The Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) blocks the federal government from recognizing those nice new marriages; no joint tax returns, no joint benefits of any kind, and no recognition from most other states.  That same damn DOMA will also prevent equal benefits for gay and lesbian service members; no partner recognition, no nothing for their partners or kids.  If two soldiers are shot side by side in Afghanistan, they will medevaced together to Rhamstein.  The straight service member’s spouse will be flown to his or her bedside free of charge and their kids will be cared for; but there will be nothing for the gay soldier’s spouse, even if they were married in Massachusetts.  On the first days of freedom, equality will still be denied.

The Right To Marry and Right To Serve victories are the beginning of our freedom; they are perhaps the end of the beginning of the battle for full equality.  They are certainly something to celebrate after so long.  But, after celebrating, it’s back to “out of the bars and into the streets,” back to negotiating and demanding.  We’re done with waiting.  We’re not going to wait another fifty years for full equality.” – Denny Meyer

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